Challenge accepted!

So I was scrolling through Facebook when a 31 Day Self Care Challenge came across my news feed and really piqued my interest. Who doesn’t need a little more self care, right? I’m pretty good at taking time out for me. I always find time to do things that I enjoy. I don’t take work home with me, I treat myself often (maybe too much), I spend plenty of time with friends and family, I’m not in some kind of dysfunctional relationship…currently… 🙂 you know…things like that. But this challenge goes way beyond all that. So I decided to embark on this self care journey and love on Arica just a little bit more!

Five days in … so far so good:

Day 1

“Write a list of positive affirmations and read them aloud 10x.”

So I wrote down about 25 affirmations. I know, that’s a lot right?? But your girl has some issues and there’s plenty of shit I need to tell my inner self to get her straight!!!!!! Anyway, I read them aloud ten times, just as it states. To accompany me in this, I put on a “Meditation Mix” from Apple Music. And when I was done…I literally went right to sleep. Early af. It wasn’t even 8. A record, ok? Imagine this soothing music as you’re reading these empowering affirmations to yourself over and over again. Relaxing, encouraging yourself, loving on yourself, just being one with yourself. It was amazing. It’s always so funny how the simplest things can bring you so much joy and comfort. Enough to knock you out like a light!

Day 2

“Walk in Nature”

First of all… how did I not know that one of the prettiest sights in Western New York was in my backyard? Glen Park was absolutely beautiful. Being that Day 2 called for a nature walk, I didn’t want to do the average trail where it’s congested with people trying to get fit. I wanted to see some nature! Waterfalls, ducks, birds…creeks, ponds. It’s all there *Jeezy voice* I went with my siblings, minus one…and my 1year old niece who also had a ball. We walked around and really enjoyed being with each other. Spilling tea, taking pics, bonding and all that. Day 2 was definitely another peaceful experience.

Day 3

“Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while”

Ok so I didn’t call anyone, PERO I did TEXT a few friends I hadn’t contacted in quite a bit. Out of the three … two texted me back with the same sentiments. What was oddly refreshing was the absence of the ever so familiar “we should get together” knowing that it will never happen. Just some small talk and appreciating the communication for that moment. The other friend may have changed a number or got a new phone. It went green from once being blue. Not sure how I feel about that.

Day 4/Day 5

”Guided Meditation”

“Get cleaned up (hair cut, wear your favorite outfit, get your nails done or even just a nice shower)”

This was a little hard to do on this particular Saturday being a hectic work day for me and then hanging out with my extended family having one too many dranks. But I did do it the very next day in the afternoon before my second round of sleep. Hehe. I found a guided meditation vid on YouTube that was about an hour long. The message playing behind the soft melodies was really soothing yet powerful. Definitely enjoyed the breathing techniques. The affirmations too . I got about 25 minutes into it and…well…we all know what the music does to me so it was early into the evening before I knew anything!

So after I woke up from guided meditation…..

I got a text from a friend to come to her kickback. I figured this was a good chance to get sorta dolled up. I deep conditioned my natural tresses, did a Rose Water sheet mask and threw my hair in a cute bun. Bronzer, mascara, the perfect gloss and a nice brown summer dress I looked like I had been kissed by the sun. It was a good time there, seeing old friends meeting new ones and cracking up allnight. Just feeling good and being around good fuckin vibes. Nothing like it. Most times I feel the prettiest with the simplest look.

Typically I never stick to these challenges but there’s something about this one that I’m really committed to exploring. And carrying it out beyond August!


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