Nobody’s WCW!!

So I’m not a woman that yearns for attention typically, but I have yet to be a romantic interest’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” and yeah, I’m a little mad about it!

Sure I get a lot of inboxes saying so. Wait. Most are creeps…but nevertheless… no one has publicly said “THIS BIH FINE” all over Facebook, Instagram and the like.

One time, I did the unspeakable and made MYSELF my own WCW. Smh, I know. But I mean I’m kinda cute. I have meaningful employment. I have no kids. I’m funny. My cooking won’t kill you! Someone should be shouting me out on a random Wednesday.

Thinking about this much deeper……’s like if I know all of that, why do I care if someone announces it? Do I need validation? What’s this about? Where’s this coming from? Is it the pressure of others’ posts that has me feeling “a way”? Especially since I post nothing about anyone I date on social media. Especially when I believe that the RIGHT one is out there for me, and one day I’m gonna be his WCW WCE. Okkkkkkkkurrrr?? Can I be all in my feelings and not know why? Is that allowed? Grrrrrrrrrrr.

So the solution to this is what? Shoot someone a couple bucks? Show a boob? Idk. Just be patient I guess. I’m no hater. Let’s be clear. I just had to put that out there on this fine Wednesday.

Anybody else got the jones to be a bomb ass WCW post??

Video Courtesy of @thebsimone2 on Instagram


  1. This!! I have the same thoughts and questions…not that I need fb validation but damn I just wana know you think I’m bomb af just like I know I’m bomb af uno lol

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