I’m on my period, ok?!

So every month we …as in ladies …get this visitor right? She’s rude. She’s annoying. Usually not welcome. In my family we call her “Penelope”. Penelope brings cramps, mood swings, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, you naaaaaaaame it!!!!!!!!!!!! Typically, it’s a hot mess.

During this time, while we’re bleeding and suffering….we are expected to pretend like we’re ok. School, work, church, home, WHEREVER, we have to grin and bear it! No one wants to hear “I’m menstruating” ..or “I’m on my period”.. when in reality..it is a fact of LIFE!!! Our period should not be taboo. It is a regular occurrence that mostly all women face or have faced in their lifetime. We should not have to hide our condition. If we want to say we’re cramping, we should be able to. If I want to say I’ll be bitchy for a few days I should be able to, without being judged, without being looked at funny, without feeling like I have offended someone.

For those like me who use any type of  birth control method, our periods may tend to be a little lighter, than those that are not, but there are some months where nature overpowers medicine, and we are in agony for the allotted amount of time. TIME……SPEAKING of time… before birth control my period would last anywhere from 9-10 days! YES. I said it. It was the worst. I wasn’t alone in this, but I always felt like I was.  I dreaded getting out of bed. I dreaded going to work. I dreaded doing anything. But I did it, we all do! Because we HAVE to. Because we don’t have the luxury of taking that time off. It’s insane.

And what do men go through?? What do they go through???? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That’s why it amazes me that they can discriminate against us. As strong and resilient as we are, we still get treated [in most cases] as less than! Periods are not an option for us. We endure and push through no matter how we feel, all while trying to be discreet about it! Well fuck that. I encourage you to be unashamed of this thing that makes us superior to men! Hehe. Stop hiding your products at the store. Stop pretending to be ok when you’re not. Stop trying to please everyone else and forgetting your own needs. IT’S NORMAL. We don’t have a choice in the matter. And self care, especially during this time is crucial, and it includes not having to hide the fact that you are in pain, or that you may need assistance doing something, that you want to be left alone, OR that you just need a little time.

Our bodies are so different, and we all experience her in many ways…

“I have the heaviest flow, I always get up out of my chair in fear that I have left a mess.” T., 49

“I get acne ALL over my chin and my emotions are all over the place. Sometimes I even feel unstable.”K. 26

“I get cramps so bad that the pain travels down my leg sometimes.” J., 25

“The body aches, the mood swings…and right when I feel like I’ve recovered.. here it comes again!” W., 33

“My cramps travel to my back and it feels like someone is stabbing me.” G., 18

As women, we have been made to feel like menstruation is a secret among us, that we shouldn’t share, shouldn’t talk about it. Well, I disagree. Now, everything should be done in good taste of course, but y’all get what I’m saying.

Check out this article about PERIOD POOP! YES! It’s a thing!!


The queen MJB gifted us with a spot on track about the woes of our “cycle’.

Don’t be afraid to share some of your symptoms and remedies you have or how you cope! You may help someone else!

As for the fellas reading this. Thank you for taking the time and hopefully this sheds some insight on what the women in your life may be afraid or embarrassed to voice to you!

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  1. Chile ain’t I on mines now and I feel like I’m
    Don’t know if I’m coming or going!! Can we say some serious anxiety 😢… I always say I want to ripe my uterus out and drive over it myself 😡 good article Pooh 🥰

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